Shape Enthusiast + Graphic Designer


Who is Rachel?


Rachel is a Graphic Designer from Greater Detroit Area, MI. She is a recent graduate from College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Graphic Design and a business concentration. Her interests include tattoos, horror, cats, snowboarding, sacred geometry, and music (among  many other things). Her passions include branding, print design, interaction design, and iconography.


Words from Rachel:

Iā€™m a designer with the mind of a robot. I think in basic geometric form and translate ideas into the grouped design of simple shapes. I work with both print and web design while working in the new and ever changing digital frontier and bring a shape based take on the modernist view of the world and shaping it into a format that fits your needs.

"As a designer everything is seen as something you can better, another problem in need of a unique solution. And this is where we get to take everything around us and the information that is otherwise looked as ordinary and make it "extraordinarily ." Which is in the eyes of most seen as the most exquisite specimen of a select group. Pulling out what they did to stand out. But it is the keen eye of a designer that works behind the sheet to insure that everything can be fluidly messed and translate easily to others, of all cultures, of all spoken language. Any simple object can become a tool. A line into a piece of art, art into a revolution, and art as a crime." (view the full manifesto)

You can download her resume Here!